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Foshan City Nanhai Yingjiwei Aluminum Buildding Materials Co., Ltd

Foshan Yingjiwei Aluminum Building Materials Factory
Address: No.1 Hejing South Road, Zone A, Hegui
Industrial Park, Lishui Town, Nanhai, Foshan,Guangdong.
Contact person: Safin
Cell phone: 0086-13590541078

E-mail: export@jianhangroup.com

Join in policy

1. Recognize and accept the management supervision, business philosophy and corporate culture of Jianhan Building Materials, bear the corresponding business risks, carry out business activities according to the management requirements of the company, and take effective measures to standardize the market work.

2. The franchisee must have good local public relations resources, strong market development ability and sales ability.

3. Franchisee is willing and enthusiastic to put appropriate advertising in the area and strengthen marketing promotion and other work.

4. Franchisee shall strictly keep trade secrets and shall not disclose product information and price information of the Company.

5. Franchisee is willing to go hand in hand with the company to create a win-win situation.