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Low carbon boost the development of aluminum veneer manufacturers and optimize the industrial structure

Time: 2021-01-13 15:43:27     

Last December, 192 countries and regions sent representatives to attend the World Climate Change Conference. The "noisy" meeting at the beginning of the meeting turned into a "noisy" one at the end of the meeting, which seemed to end on bad terms. Copenhagen has thus become the "hottest" city on earth.

Low-carbon building materials are the development mode of building materials industry with low energy consumption, low emission, low pollution and the pursuit of green GDP. And there are many aluminum veneer manufacturers in the downstream industry of building materials. The development of low-carbon aluminum veneer manufacturers is indeed a huge opportunity for China's aluminum veneer manufacturers and industry. There are many favorable conditions and factors, as well as many difficulties and challenges. We must adhere to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, from the traditional model of "danger" to see the "opportunity" of scientific development, lay the development ability and ideological and theoretical basis of the industry, to meet the aluminum veneer manufacturers industry comprehensive innovation stage.

First said the development of low carbon aluminum veneer manufacturers obvious several favorable factors.

1. It is conducive to adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure and transforming the mode of economic development

To adjust and optimize the economic structure, we will rapidly increase the proportion of advanced productive forces and speed up the elimination of backward enterprises. The development path of low-carbon economy of aluminum veneer manufacturers is to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of circular economy through a series of technological innovations. But aluminum veneer manufacturers industry also has a great potential for energy saving and emission reduction, we should seize the opportunity to develop low-carbon aluminum veneer manufacturers industry, accelerate the pace of structural adjustment.

Second, to promote the development of new aluminum veneer manufacturers

Low-carbon economy is centered on the transformation of energy and involves a wide range of industries and fields. The internationally recognized industrial system of carbon reduction economy includes low-carbon products, low-carbon technology, building energy saving, industrial energy saving and circular economy, resource recovery, environmental protection equipment and energy saving materials, etc. Some developed countries in the light of the features of the building materials industry and current situation of the development of many regulation policies, encourage building materials industry to a low-carbon economy development, we can actively learn from their successful experience, and apply it to our aluminum veneer manufacturer industry development, the effective control of resources, energy consumption, promote the development of new aluminum veneer manufacturer species in China.