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How to break through the local market in the channel development of aluminum veneer manufacturers

Time: 2021-01-13 15:41:45     

The practice of expanding the market is still in continuous exploration, for aluminum veneer manufacturers how to expand sales channels, want to be bigger and stronger local enterprises must think deeply.

In any case, if you want to expand the channel, you must enhance the brand competitiveness. Now consumers buy things, not only to see the cost, pay more attention to the brand. Brand is a kind of embodiment of taste and identity, but also the carrier of excellent quality and quality service. The same product, people are more willing to spend a little more money to buy brand products, buy a rest assured. In how to expand the channel aspect, the author thinks should pay attention to the following points.

Maximize the use of the favorable resources of the exclusive brand

Aluminum veneer manufacturers and enterprises only to form their own brand, in order to be competitive in the market, but also to rapidly expand channels. The current brand gathering, it can be said is blooming everywhere, some enterprises even have a number of brands at the same time. It cannot be said that the operation mode of multiple brands is not good, but the author believes that this operation will disperse the limited resources of enterprises, and it is difficult to concentrate on a single market, which is easy to cause the lack of competitiveness of the brand, so as to fail to become a strong brand.

Do market research

Aluminum veneer manufacturers must do a good job of market research before market expansion, in order to find the target market, find development opportunities, for the next step of enterprise resource investment direction and market expansion strategy to develop a scientific basis. First of all, enterprises must understand the basic information of the regional market. For example, administrative region, economic status, population distribution, geographical location, market capacity, key customers, consumption habits, etc. Meanwhile, channel members should also be understood, such as their cooperation intention, sales volume, brand, profitability, cooperation with manufacturers, etc. It is also necessary to understand and analyze the competitors' brands, market pattern and sales performance, product lines, price system, channel structure, terminal mode, promotion strategy, marketing team, etc.

Find the right consumer market

Channel expansion, market development must be in the feasibility of research, formulate relevant strategies, do not random and blind. Establish the target market must be accurate, should not be greedy, otherwise can not take into account the differences of the regional market. Cao Zhiqiang, chairman of Fuqing Di Industry Wood Co., Ltd. is expanding the market, he has a set of methods. He believes that it is not advisable to cast a wide net when expanding the market. The target market can be divided into main and secondary markets, and the main market should be occupied first. His main market is in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Fujian provinces. Fujian is our home base, while Zhejiang and Jiangsu, two provinces with fast economic growth and large market capacity, will be given priority to developing these provinces. The author also believes that enterprises can select the market selectively according to the characteristics of their products. Not all markets are suitable for their survival and development, and they should also depend on whether their products are in line with the local economic development, consumption habits and aesthetic tendencies, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Find the right distributor

There are many ways to attract investment, such as print media advertisement, TV advertisement, network media, professional exhibition, sending special person to the local site to attract investment and so on. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, the principle of aluminum veneer manufacturers and enterprises to choose dealers is regional exhibition, dealers do not necessarily have the strongest strength, but must have the dedication to work, identify with the business philosophy, and can develop together with the enterprise, rather than just willing to agent can.